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Welcome to Cifarelli Talent Consulting - Specialized in International English Speaking Talent

CTC represents actors speaking German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Kurdish and English as native speakers as well as often a third and forth language. Our clients are based in Europe as well as Canada and the US. 


Herzlich Willkommen bei Cifarelli Talent Consulting - Specialized in English Speaking Talent!

Alle Schauspieler die CTC vertritt, verfügen über die Fähigkeit Englisch zu sprechen als auch deutsch, fransözisch, italienisch,spanisch, und kurdisch. Sie sind deshalb in der Lage, nicht nur in deutschsprachigen, sondern auch in internationalen Film- und TV-Produktionen tätig zu sein. 










Sasun Sayan 
Sasun Sayan can currently be see playing the lead in Soleen Yusef's film HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF.
This family drama was shot  in 2014 in Duhok Kudistan under extrem circumstances.
Both the film and Sasun are nominated for best film and actor at the Munich Film Festival for New German Cinema.
Sasun speaks Turkish, German, and Kurdish as native and fluent English with an EU accent.

CTC Welcomes Liam Mockridge!
Liam Mockridge is currently shooting on the Warner Bros ITVP reality series about his family THE MOCKRIDGES.
You can see Liam and his family in their second season on the 28th of August on German TV station WDR.
Liam speaks English (AE) and German as natives and fluent Italian.

Claire Sermonne 
French/Russian actress Clair Sermonne has drama degrees from Dramatic Arts Paris and The Moscow Arts Theater.
From the Paris Odeon to the Berlin Volksbühne Claire has graced many of Europes finest stages.
She can now be seen on the  Starz international hit series in season 2 of OUTLANDER as
Princess Louise de Rohan. 

Marc Duret
See Marc in season 2 of the international TV hit OUTLANDER as JOSEPH DUVERNEY this Sunday at 9pm on Starz!

Ruby O. Fee

Ruby is currently shooting in THE UNSEEABLES directed by Claus Räfle for Look Films. SHAKESPEAR'S LAST ROUND will premier on April 27, at 10:40pm on the German/French TV station Arte, on June 2 CHANGING SIDES and on June 9 ROCKABILLY REQUIEM can be seen in movie theaters across Germany.  Ruby speaks English and German as native speaker and fluent Portugese.

Maja Celiné Probst
The Neue Filme GbR's short CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU is nominated for the SHOCKING SHORTS Film award!
Maja plays opposite Julia Bremermann in this exciting new thriller from directors Kizler & Sentenza. Currently Maja is shooting the lead in Juliane Block's new psychological thriller 8 DOORS. 
Maja's new crochet designs can be found in her new book:
Maja's second exclusive catalogue for Lana Grossa can be seen here:

Errol Trotman Harewood

See Errol as US General Jackson in the international series "DEUTSCHLAND 83". This series can be seen on USA cabel station SundanceTV, Netflix,
and This August you can see Errol in theaters across Germany in the 20th Century Fox film ANTONIO, IHM SCHMECKT'S NICHT! directed by Sven Unterwaldt.

Lize Feryn
Lize is currently shooting A REAL VERMEER directed by Rudolf van den Berg, produced by Cadenza Film. Belgian born Feryn made her acting debut in the TV mini series In Vlaamse Velden/In Flanders Fields. Lize speaks Dutch/Flemish as native speaker as well as fluent French and English.

Kristi Hughes
Kristi can be seen in the new Cirque Du Soleil production TORUK - The First Flight, inspired by the James Cameron film production AVATAR. Critics are already raving about TORUK after it's preview:
TORUK will premier December 21, 2015 in Montreal Canada. Click here to watch the trailer or purchase tickets:

Maja Celiné Probst
Maja's second book of crochet & knit designs can now be purchased! "Crocheting Ladylike/Häcklen Ladylike"

Maja's second exclusive catalogue for Lana Grossa can be seen here:



For autographs please mail a self addressed stamped envelope to our office. We will be glad to mail you a photo back!
For those of you who would like to work on your American accent/American charater, your welcome to join me at: Actors Space Berlin - Lobeckstrasse 35 10969 Berlin. For more information about this class and other workshops see the Facebook site, Actors-Space Berlin.